Jeannie Cherry is one of New York ’s premiere hairstylist who is best known for her ability to create striking and captivating hairstyles. When you hear words such as talented, artistic, creative, one can’t help but to think of Jeannie Cherry. Intrigued by glamour her fascination of beauty began at the young age of 4yrs.old, with such a vivid imagination she had the ability to indulge herself playfully with her mothers’ wigs and hair pieces. The most fondest memory of doing hair comes from when she was 11 years old  when she was at her grandmother’s, house,  a neighbor saw that   Jeannie was  braiding her own hair, the woman then  asked  Jeannie  if she could braid  her two little girls hair, and of coarse Jeannie said yes! Afterwards the lady paid her $5, that day Jeannie earned money but more valuable than the  $5 she found  out her enjoyment came when she was playing the role of a hairstylist. While in college, very disinterested, Jeannie decided to take off a semester to do something more meaningful to her….so she pursued  cosmetology. Now well into her career this master hairstylist has studied with some of the beauty industry’s best. During her life-span as a hairstylist her accomplishments exemplify her true dedication to her craft. and her credentials speak loud in volume just what she’s embodied. Jeannie Cherry’s can be seen at most professional tradeshows  displayed on a stage where she has performed as a Platform Artist for companies  such as Razac  products and  BBD products,  educating stylists about the products and the proper way to use them. One of the many components that make Jeannie an exceptional hairstylist is her knowledge of hair weaving and extensions. She is Most recognized for her signature hair weaving techniques such as ”The Cap” in which she was featured in several magazines as an expert hairstylist  demonstrating a step by step guide for the cap weave. Whether it’s for an editorial layout or product advertisement   her work has been featured on the cover as well as  displayed in various magazines such as Passion, Sophisticates Black Hair and Hype Hair, Essence and a host of others. Included in the summary of her work, which is continuous, she has worked as contributing writer for several hair publications  in addition to consultant for Shake n Go, the business conglomerate of the beauty industry that manufactures Milkyway, and Saga hair extensions.  An assessment of Jeannie’s  work can  give insight on some of her accomplishments but if you were to ask Jeannie what would she want people to know about her…. she wouldn't want to bore you with her achievements or talk about magazine covers and all the kudos/accolades.  She would merely like for her work to speak for itself, further more what a skillful and knowledgeable hairstylist  she is…. more so, confident that you will see the components in her that you would like in a professional hairstylist.

Unsurpassable to say the least, Jeannie’s admiration and passion for the art of doing hair is immeasurable, she thanks God for the ability and opportunity to use her gift to transform people and change their perception of how they feel about themselves. To experience that feeling is far greater than any accolades.

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